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The Federation

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Key Information

Glebe Infant School is a Foundation Co-educational Day School. It caters for boys and girls in Newent and district from 4+ to 7+ years of age (Foundation Year and Key Stage 1). There are presently 117 on roll.


Picklenash Junior School is a Maintained Foundation Co-educational Day School. It caters for boys and girls in Newent and district from 7+ to 11+ years of age (Key Stage 2). There are presently 181 on roll.


In May 2011, Glebe Infants and Picklenash Juniors formally federated to become The Federation of Newent Schools.

The schools are conveniently situated close to the centre of Newent in Gloucestershire, but enjoy spacious grounds including playgrounds for each school and a large sports field. There are excellent facilities which include large classrooms, a library in each school, a well stocked computer suite and a music room (latter two at Picklenash).


“My favourite thing about school is the enormous field. The teachers are nice to us.” Mark (Picklenash)


The School grounds have been considerably developed to enhance the external environment. We have vegetable and nature gardens at both schools that are looked after by the respective gardening clubs and have won several Newent in Bloom awards. Picklenash has been awarded Level 5 ‘Campaign for School Gardening’ by the Royal Horticultural Society and Glebe has been awarded its Eco-school ‘Green Flag’. Both schools have achieved ‘Healthy Schools’ status.


Class Organisation


Class organisation for 2021/2022 is as follows:



Reception            Ms Beech (Jade Class)

Reception            Mrs Walker-Ball (Jasper Class)

Year 1                  Ms Rathbone (Emerald Class)

Year 1                  Mrs Saleem (Topaz Class)

Year 2                  Ms Voss (Opal Class)

Year 2                  Mrs King (Garnet Class)


Teaching assistants:  Mrs Cox, Mrs Pimm, Miss John, Mrs Cull, Mrs Cook, Ms Yeates, Ms Beard, Ms Dalziel, Mrs Wallace




Year 3                                  Ms Martin (Amber Class)

Year 3                                  Mrs Messenger/Mrs Fitzgerald (Pearl Class)

Year 4                                  Ms Coleman (Amethyst Class)

Year 4                                   Ms Zimmermann  (Ruby Class)

Year 5                                  Mr Danter-Davies (Sapphire Class)

Year 5                                  Mr Clark (Coral Class)

Year 6                                  Ms Bloxsome (Tourmaline Class)

Year 6                                    Mr Brown (Diamond Class)


Teaching assistants: Mrs Scott, Mrs Malone, Ms Rooker, Ms Sleeman, Mrs Jacobs, Ms Waite, Ms J Jones, Ms N Jones,

Mrs Ormond, Mrs Reich, Ms C Jones


Mrs K Selwyn is Pastoral Leader and Designated Safeguarding Leader for both Glebe and Picklenash Schools.


House Organisation

A house system operates in both schools. There are four houses, and each child will be allocated to one of these houses.


                   Cotswold       –        Green

                   Malvern          –       Red

                   Severn           –        Blue

                   Wye                –       Yellow


Special Needs

It has been estimated nationally that some 20% of the school’s population will have special educational needs at some time during their school career.


At Glebe and Picklenash, we have always given high priority to special needs. In keeping with the New Code of Practice, we consider that the earlier a child is identified and given the extra, necessary help in school, the greater will be the chance of him reaching his true potential and retaining access to a broad and balanced curriculum.

We have a very experienced SENCO on site who manages support for children with Special Education needs. The SENCO and Inclusion Coordinator is Miss Hill. This support may be in-class, in a small withdrawal group or individually.  As well as our SENCO and INCO we have a full time Pastoral Support Leader - Mrs Selwyn who works closely with children and families when the need arises.


Special Needs is an integral part of our whole school policy, the more able being considered as well as those with learning difficulties. Central to this is our “Partnership with Parents” policy. We aim to involve parents as much as possible in the education of their children, celebrating achievements, sharing concerns, and showing ways in which they may help at home.


We monitor the progress of all our children carefully, but if you have any concerns about academic progress, behaviour or physical difficulties, please discuss the problems initially with the class teacher or with the appropriate Special Needs Coordinator or if you prefer with the Head Teacher.


Forest School

Whole classes and small groups use this special area in the school grounds to work safely out doors using proper equipment in a safe environment, building on teamwork and social skills.  The children are having great fun making rope bridges and swings, camp fires, hot chocolate, marshmallow sandwiches, nest building and tree climbing. 


Healthy Schools

The Federation of Newent Schools Glebe Infant and Picklenash Junior have both achieved Healthy School Status, with Glebe Infant achieving the Healthy Schools Plus standard. In real terms, this means that both schools offer healthy hot meals, cooked in a 5 star kitchen, and healthy packed lunches too. We offer a wide menu of both meat and vegetarian dishes, with choice options changing daily.


All junior school children are encouraged to bring a healthy snack, whilst children at Glebe Infant School are provided with a fruit or vegetable snack free of charge, and of course drinking water is readily available.


Even before children begin school, parents are invited to a meeting, where they are provided with information, ideas and the school food policy to ensure that their children have the healthiest possible time at school.


Physical activity also plays a key part in our healthy schools. As well as the P.E curriculum time, a variety of lunchtime and after-school clubs are offered e.g. ‘multi-skills’ and ‘dodgeball’. ‘Huff and Puff’ is a fun and active initiative run by the children themselves during lunchtimes.


For more about admissions, the curriculum and other information,  please view the prospectus which can be downloaded here or it is available from the school offices.